Vibe Up Your Life

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Vibe Up Your Life will teach you how to rise, shine & create your dreams into reality.  I use my own unique stories as examples!

In the pages of this book, you will:

. Release the negative stories of your past
. Learn tools and techniques for creating positive change
. Discover strategies for creating more ease, happiness, fun and vitality


This inspirational guide book will support you to create the life you truly desire!


This testimonial from Lisa Lee, WA...

"I just wanted to write you this email as I am reading through your magnificent book Vibe up your Life, and I wanted to share a story with you

I was reading the chapter ‘Open to receive and let life in’ and on page 130 you talk about an environment without clutter and that you know people who have boxes and boxes of stuff in the garage or in a storage shed that we’re paying monthly fees and as I was reading this paragraph, I was thinking about the storage shed that I pay $130 a month for (which it’s now going up to $170 a month) full of crap and boxes of stuff that barely gets used, anyway as I kept reading I got two or three paragraphs further along and I couldn’t shut off my brain about the shed and I wasn’t taking in anything else that I was reading so in that instant, I closed your book and grabbed my son’s keys to his car (his seats go down giving me more room) and went and did three loads of boxes which I was only intending on doing one load, just to bring it back and get it started however it ended up being three loads because I felt so great and wanted to do more and more

I’ve now decided that I’m going to empty out the shed and bring it back to the garage so I can go through it and release everything that I no longer require or need in my life and also releasing these $170 fees that I’ll be paying.

So I just wanted to thank you, your book has been amazing and so well written, so easy to read and follow along and the exercises are incredible I’ve really enjoyed it"..