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Let me introduce myself to you... I'm Melanie, I'm the proprietor here at Vivaciti and your answer to your searching!

I have been passionate about health and well-being for well over 30 years now, and have been working full time for over 14 of those years, assisting people like you, who have physical and/or emotional health challenges, who haven't been able to obtain the results desired. 

Are you also feeling overwhelmed, fed up, frustrated, feeling helpless and hopeless, and just want to get your life back on track again?

I personally believe and know, the answers lie in clearing your emotional blockages (known and unknown).  It's the emotional blockages that are locking your physical ailments in place....and I hold the keys to release them!

As a Bioresonance Biofeedback Specialist and Intuitive Emotional Healer, I am able to talk the language of YOUR body and unlock YOUR unique blockages.  I have the tools and techniques to assist you in bringing your physical body back into balance fast.

The great news is...you get your life back again. 

My methods are non-invasive, natural, safe, pain-free and relaxing!

My clinic is in Miami on the Gold Coast, or anywhere online!

Please have a look around my site, there's lots of great information here for you.

Don't wait to try everything and anything else first, call me today.  If you've already tried everything else, without the results you desire, then I'm so grateful you've finally found me, your search is over!

I've transformed my life...having been diagnosed with cancer in my late twenties, and having to undergo a complete thyroidectomy, was the catalyst for my journey into self-awareness.  At 39 I was involved in a horrific head-on car crash.  The injuries I sustained from this accident required twelve months of rest and rehabilitation, to enable me to get back on my feet again.

These traumatic life events, together with years of suffering from lower back pain and many, many allergic reactions to foods and the environment, prompted me to seek out alternate natural approaches, and started me on my journey into natural health therapies. 

This journey has included years of personal development training and coaching with world-leading authorities in life skills.  I formalised these teachings and my knowledge, with completing a Diploma in Bioresonance Therapy, Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance, and various Certified Emotional Balancing techniques.

These combined therapies enabled me to regain complete health and wellness, which I've been enjoying for well over 15 years now!

I'm completely committed to my work and dedicated to helping you heal your physical and emotional selves, so you too can enjoy a harmonious, balanced and energised life, as I now do, living life on my terms!

The beginning of your transformation is now just one step away, if you decide to contact me?!

Don't just take my word for it though.  Please visit my 'client feedback' page.  This will also give you more insight into the results possible.  These are real clients who wanted to share their journeys with you, so please take a look.

Isn't it time to....'start living life on your terms'?

"Every BODY Deserves to Feel Great and BE HAPPY"™..including YOU :)

And just so you have all the information, I hold the following qualifications:




I would LOVE to assist you in creating the life, living and reality you truly desire, deserve and aspire too!

Msg me and let's have a chat!

Bailey, my 4 legged bestie is also a therapy dog, and assists me in clinic to support my clients. 

If you would like Bailey to be part of your session, just let me know, and he will welcome you also!

Bailey makes for an extra special experience!

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