This energetic form of 'distant healing' is safe, non-invasive and works - because we are all connected!

Your ONLINE HEALING includes...

1) A personal one-on-one (via on-line zoom/messenger) call.

- Release of your emotional stress, overwhelm, anxiety etc.. 

- Re-balance and re-energise your chakras and whole emotional body.

- Intuitive 'check in' to advise you what your 'physical' body needs at this time.

2) Physical Body Re-Balance

- Using my energy device and a current photo of you, your entire physical body will be to re-balanced, re-harmonised and re-energised remotely.

3) Follow Up

- Personally contact you after your session, to ensure nothing else is required/desired.


Please message me to book in, or for more information.

every BODY can feel matter where you are!

Gift Vouchers are also available for your loved ones.


 My client is in Florida USA.  I'm on the Gold Coast in Australia.

After her session she reported back "I'm skipping around today!". 

and this from a client in Sydney, Australia...

“As someone who is fortunate enough to be fully employed at the moment, working very long hours has taken its toll on my health recently.  After no symptoms for several years, my asthma had re-appeared to the point where I had to go out just to buy an inhaler. I was also experiencing other challenges in my body as a result of sitting for too long at a time whilst working from home.

As I live in Sydney, I scheduled in a remote session with Melanie, and as always, the results have been immediately noticeable.  I say this each time – I have no idea how it works, it just does.

The inhaler hasn’t been needed since, and all other symptoms have disappeared too.

 Thanks Mel!” Louise M. Sydney.