Releasing Emotional Stresses

 It's time to break free.  Break free from your past.

I use various tools for releasing your emotional blocks from the past. All are safe and painless.  I don't require you to go back and re-live the stories/events from your past. You are totally present the whole time and the techniques I use are totally non-invasive and relaxing. 

These tools assist in detecting and eradicating the negative emotional influences that sabotage and block life, contributing to ill health, un-wellness and dis-ease. 

Both positive and negative emotions play a significant part in our daily lives.  These emotions are stored as ‘programs’ and determine how we respond emotionally to situations and experiences. Negative programs are often essential for emotional survival in the first instance, but sometimes continue to be activated long after a person needs them.

The Emotional Balancing techniques enables people to function confidently and competently to the best of their ability in circumstances where otherwise they might be overcome for example with fear, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy.  This therapy is unique. 

It requires no 'remembering of the past' in order to free it, no discussion of the past or situation, in order to release it, and the client is fully conscious and awake throughout the entire therapy.  There is no hypnosis or altered state of consciousness whatsoever.

Emotional Balancing has proven itself to be a valuable tool in enhancing the health and wellbeing of people in general and assisting them to function effectively in their everyday lives. This is a wonderful experience for people which produces amazing results, both emotionally and physically.

Who is Emotional Balancing Therapy suitable for?

Adults and children of any age who experience Depression, Stress, PTSD, Anger, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Fear, Phobias, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Sabotage, Self Image issues.