On-Line (Remote) Sessions

To assist those who live further away and/or are unable to physically come to my clinic, or who would just rather have a session from the privacy of their own space, whenever suits. 

I offer Emotional Balancing Sessions remotely via phone, Zoom, Skype and Face Time - so you can call me from anywhere, any time.

For anyone feeling stuck, overwhelmed, emotionally bound, dark, anxious, stressed, feeling lost, blocked in any way, this service may assist you to get moving forward again, fast and efficiently!

This is what Dianne in Victoria, Australia had to say after just one session...

“The Vivaciti on-line session went beyond my expectations. It's safe to say that I've worked with dozens of energy workers and healing practitioners, and Melanie is one of the best.

She weaves many respected modalities into a unique framework that is fast and powerful, while remaining soft and compassionate. The later because Melanie brings her heart to the table and holds a space for true healing on all levels.

We addressed a shoulder issue that I was worried could become chronic if left untreated. I knew intuitively it was an emotional rather than a physical issue, so the work Melanie does sounded perfect. I'm impressed by how skillfully she lasered in on the underlying issue and worked with me to release the energy without the need for unnecessary catharsis.

For sure, I had a few emotional moments, however they cleared as quickly as they arose. Right away I felt like my shoulder was reattached to my body, whereas it had felt disembodied before.

The next day, I noticed a burst of renewed energy and zest for life. A few days later my posture is still relaxed and happy. I was even inspired to do an hour of yoga, which my body hasn’t wanted to do in months.

When you want lasting shifts of what ails you, physically and emotionally, delivered with the skill and kindness of a healing savant, then Melanie from Vivaciti is for you.” Dianne - Victoria


and another from Tara, Florida USA...

“Mel is a miracle worker! I was skeptical at first because she is geographical on the other side of the planet, and I had never heard of this kind of healing. To be fair I didn’t know I was carrying around lifetimes of baggage either! I was stuck and didn’t even know why. It’s like when you get a massage is the only time you feel the pain release from your muscles. I had a digestive block and had just resigned myself to the side effects.

Every session with Mel brought me so much freedom and unlocked a new level of happiness for me.

I am eternally grateful to her, and highly recommend Melanie Young’s virtual healing sessions if you want to raise your vibration and be the best version of YOU!"

Tara P.  Florida, USA.


and another from Sarah, Munich in Germany...

"My mentor always shares her strategies for success and Melanie is one secret weapon for women in business.

Over the past few years, I have suffered from several different autoimmune diseases. I also had severe shoulder pain, insomnia, and a numb foot. Every time I tried to change something, get more healthy, more exercise and fitness, make more money, I would self-sabotage or get sick.

Today I had a remote online session with Melanie, now I feel different. I feel grounded, centred. I feel love. My body is giving me subtle cues to listen too. Everything is more heightened and in balance. I am elated that I tried this incredible healing. I can feel that I am forever changed.

With heartfelt gratitude for you and what you do and did for me thank you!!"

Sarah Alexander, Germany


and yet another from Louise, in Sydney...

"After injuring my back horse riding, I was experiencing a lot of pain and lack of movement. I had an important samba performance to take part in on Sunday night and called Mel after having tried all the obvious options such as stretching, gentle massage, and anti-inflammatories.

Even though Mel is a very dear friend and has treated me before, I have to be honest and say I was somewhat cynical about the likelihood of success, not least of all because I live in Sydney so we could only do a remote session. Mel was kind enough to make time early on a Saturday morning, and the whole process only took about 20 minutes.

Even afterward, I was still not overly optimistic – until I reached the dance studio that evening.

For the first time in a week, I was able to dance completely pain-free, and with a full range of movement to the point where my teacher and the class we were teaching commented on it!

More importantly, I was able to perform on Sunday, and have been without any pain ever since.

I have no idea how it works – I just know that it does.

Thank you so much Mel!" Louise M, Sydney

and another...

"Thank you Mel, I feel so, so much better, and much lighter.

  • I could feel myself go from darker to lighter, even though I don't think I feel asleep, 
  • I did start feeling colder towards the end (proof of relaxation), and I had a quilt over me.
  • Also found I was taking deeper chest breaths which I wasn't able to do before.
  • I now realise I feel more positive and alive.
Yeah!!!!!! 🤗"    Dorinda, Sunshine Coast, Qld.