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Hi, I'm Melanie, your answer to all your searching!

I have been working full time for well over 10 years now, assisting people like you, who have physical and/or emotional health challenges, who haven't been able to find permanent results, and are fed up, frustrated, feeling helpless and hopeless, and just want to get their lives back again.

I personally believe and know, the answers lie in clearing the emotional blockages from your past (known and unknown).  It's the emotional blockages that are locking your physical ailments in place....and I hold the key to release them!

As a Mindbodyologist™, I am able to talk the language of YOUR body, and unlock YOUR unique blockages.  I have the tools and techniques to assist you in bringing your physical body back into balance. The great news is...you get your life back again.  My methods are non-invasive, natural, safe, pain-free and relaxing!

My clinic is in Burleigh on the Gold Coast or online...anywhere!!

Please have a look around my site, there's lots of great information here for you.

Don't wait to try everything else first, call me today.  If you've already tried everything else, without permanent results, then I'm so greatful you've finally found me, your search is over!

I've transformed my life, the beginning of yours is just a contact away.

My 'client feedback' page will also give you more insight into the results possible.  These are real clients who wanted to share their journeys with you, so please take a look.

Isn't it time to....'start living life on your terms'?

"Every BODY Deserves to Feel Great and BE HAPPY"™..including YOU :)