The Power of Positive Thoughts!

The Power of Positive Thoughts

“The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, the more of that you are going to attract into your life”.

Jack Canfield

What we focus on, we attract!

What are you focusing on consistently? Do you even know?  It’s time to really tap in and find out.

Are you creating the life, living and reality you truly desire right now?

What areas of your life are you not happy with? Relationships; Career, Environment, Work, Friends, Body Image, Exercise, Family, Spiritual, Financial…to name the majority.

Spend some time to really work out on a scale of 0 = not happy, to 10 = ecstatically happy, in each area of your life, and be honest.

The areas that aren’t 8 or over and a ‘work in progress’ need your attention…NOW!

Look at each of these areas below 8 individually.  What are you constantly thinking, saying, believing?

You are creating these realities based on your thoughts, your feelings, beliefs and actions.

The good news is…you can change all of these.  Yes ALL OF THEM!

A great place to start is with your attitude,  from negative to positive. Remember, what you focus on you attract!

Creating a ‘Vision Board’ is another fantastic way to get really clear on what it is you desire to create in all areas of your life.

Please allow me to help you, teach you and guide you in my new book ‘Vibe Up Your Life: Rise, Shine & Create your Dreams into Reality’.

The answers you seek, to create the change you desire, are within my book!

In my book you will:

.Release the negative stories of your own past

.Learn tools and techniques for creating positive change

.Discover strategies for creating more ease, happiness, fun and vitality

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