The many layers of my Business Logo!!

People often ask me two things when it comes to my business name.

1. How do you say it?
2. What does it mean?!

You say it like this, in the brackets...

Vi-vac-i-ti (vi-vas-i-tee)

I must admit, when my designer first came to me with the idea (many years ago now) I too had difficulty getting my head around how to say it, and if I had difficulty, how would others perceive it. But I LOVE IT NOW.  It's different and it has great meaning, it's me!

So what does Vivaciti actually mean?

It means the quality or state of being vivacious, happy and energised... this is what I desire for YOU.

It took many months to come up with the actual design of my logo. I knew what I wanted it to symbolise and the colours I desired. I love the final result. I'll explain.

1. The heart shape.  

It had to have heart. I truly believe love does heal all. Love for self firstly.  This I find is the biggest challenge for most people. Truly, unconditionally loving themselves and putting themselves first.  Most can't and/or won't do that. If we did, I honestly believe most ailments would dissolve overnight.  I'm also 'all heart' personally. What you see is what you get!  (Well I try to be anyway! haha).  I like to think I'm authentic.  I care deeply and desire the best for you and your health.

2. The extention of the heart on the RHS.

If you look closely, it's actually a 'tick'!  You've made the right decision in choosing to come and see me!

3. Women and Men are both Welcome.

Without getting to personal here, that tick also represents a man's personal anatomy, and the curves of the heart - well thats a woman's! 

Men always get 'right to the point' in life (so to speak). If they have to get from Point A to Point B, generally men will find the fastest most direct route to get there.

Women on the other hand will want to take the scenic route with winding roads, hills and curves! 

4. The Colours (in a nutshell)

Pink for Unconditional Love, nurturing, compassion and understanding.

Orange for Happiness, Joy and Laughter.

Purple for the union of the body and soul, creating balance.

TIP: It also boosts your immune system. So wear this colour often!

Green replenishes depleted energy, inspires calm and relaxation. 

Ideal for releasing negative low vibrational emotions. That's why getting out into 'nature' and grounding your feet into the grass often is so beneficial and relaxing.


'every BODY deserves to feel Great and BE HAPPY!™'

I genuinely believe this and believe it IS possible.

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