The Global Energetic Storm (March 2022)

I was listening to Lee Harris this afternoon.  Lee is an intuitive energy channeller and a great resource for us all.  You can find him on youtube. What he said really resonated with me, so I thought I'd share his message and combine it with my own thoughts on what is happening right now.

He said 'everyone on the planet is going through an 'energetic storm'. It's true, we are.  Every single one of us is 'feeling' the effects of the storms - the war in Europe and the floods in Australia. Whether personally affected or by watching the catastrophic images on our media platforms. We are affected.

We are ALL 'feeling' the global fear, grief, sadness, despair, hopelessness, helplessness and uncertainty that surrounds us all.

I myself (with my friends) were ourselves caught in the floods whilst driving back from NSW to Qld just 3 days ago.  We found safety on a highway overpass and slept (not very much mind you) in our cars that night, out of flood-rising danger.  The next morning, realising the highway was still blocked, with no communication of what was happening,  we made the decision to backtrack south to a township only 30 minutes away, hoping we would get through safely and we did!  We spent the next day and one night in an evacuation/emergency refuge with a few hundred other travellers. 

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever personally require an evacuation centre, to be considered a refugee - even if for just a few days. Yet we did. 
Life never shows up as we expect it will. 

I experienced firsthand whilst in the refuge talking to people who have now lost everything to these current floods. Hearing these stories and watching the TV of peoples heartbreak and loss here in Australia and overseas.  You cannot help but feel deep sadness, grief, worry and despair for them all.  We are ALL CONNECTED. So if you are feeling any of these emotions, please understand it's natural.  You'd be un-human not too.

how do we Weather these Storms? How do we not get pulled down any further ourselves with all these heavy happenings?  How do we collectively help these people who are living in such uncertain times, locally and globally?  By finding our shelter. Our energetic shelter.

You take care of yourself.  Unplug from the TV, radio, social media platforms for a while.  Take a breather. Give yourself permission to focus on YOU for a while. Rebalance. Get centred. Realign yourself. Get out into nature. Move. Pray. Listen to your favourite music. Get positive. Do whatever it takes to raise your energetic vibration out of the negative emotions.

Everything going on right now physically is affecting us emotionally. Remember this.  Give yourself what you need.  Create space for your loved ones. We will all experience our own emotions and grief in different ways. Communicate your feelings openly.  Speak your truth. Listen, don't react. Hold a space for your loved ones. Don't compete. We all process differently. Allow. Stay soft in heart centre.

It's your strength, not your weakness that has helped you weather storms in the past and you'll do it again now.

Get support.  Get connected.  Help out wherever and however you can.
There are and will be more and more opportunities for you to contribute in so many different ways, as time goes on so don't worry.


Fear creates division and separation.  WE MUST ALL COME TOGETHER IN UNITY, IN ONENESS. 

Let's align together in truth, in light, in love.

Aussies are resilient. We know that.  The Aussie spirit fights back and always wins, no matter what is thrown at us.

Please, don't feel you are useless and unable to help.  You help just by keeping your own vibration high.  By staying in the light, being there for others you are contributing more than you know. Ring a friend. Stay connected. Be that shoulder someone can cry on. Cry yourself to release if needed.  I have been.  It's not shameful, it's our way of releasing, healing.  It's being a spiritual human being who cares. Just don't allow your grief and sadness to take you down.  Rise Up. Reach Out. Know you are loved, needed and more than enough.

We've got this! You've got this! x

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