BLOG...The Fly!

It flew in, just as I opened the door to let my client out. For a fly, it was massive. More the size of a bumble bee really. It certainly let its presence be known. I’d never encountered a fly in my clinic room before. Quite a feat in itself really. You see my clinic room was within a larger practice, which was within a large shopping mall, 2 levels up, and to access my room required a journey through heavy doors and down a long corridor, so yes, I must say, I was rather impressed it had made this journey and found it’s way into my private sanctuary. As this was my last session for the day, I was too tired to try to remove it, so locked up and left, knowing I’d get it out the next day.

The next morning I arrived and had completely forgotten all about my previous flying visitor (let’s call it a him and Louie, Louie the fly, for this story). That was until, whilst doing some hands-on work with my client, I noticed Louie checking out my bookshelf. It seemed so inquisitive and chilled out – for a fly that is. It then proceeded to drop to the floor next to my client’s thongs. I felt it odd that a fly would do that. Was it deliberately trying to get my attention?? I felt it was, and telepathically told it so. Now you need to understand, telepathic messages to insects is NOT something I generally do, at least not that I’m consciously aware of anyway! They say we all have telepathic talents, and we’ve all encountered them right. You know, when you think of someone and all of a sudden they ring you, that sort of thing. But to a fly? Is this really possible?

My next clients were first timers to see me. A lovely lady and her two young sons. Whilst treating one of the children I reached for my water bottle and there he was, sitting right on top of it. As if watching me at work. I sensed he wanted to leave, weird I know, but anyway that’s what I got. I flicked my fingers and he jumped over onto my lamp, beside my water bottle.

I told me clients I needed to catch the fly and put him out. I placed my index finger on my right hand right next to Louie, who was still just sitting there patiently on the lamp, and telepathically told him to get on. He jumped right onto my finger nail. I told him to stay put and that I was going to take him outside. As I walked to my clinic door, opened it, walked down the long corridor and opened the heavy front door, he just sat there, as if enjoying the ride!

It was such a surreal feeling. I took him outside, shook my hand and he flew off and out into the shopping mall.

I walked back into my clinic room to the look of 3 jaws wide open and 3 sets of eyes staring at me in absolute disbelief. They had watched the entire event through the security tv monitor I had in my room. The mother said ‘I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it’. The boys were also stunned and excited and asked how I did it. ‘Must be Magic’ was my reply! I had 3 witnesses to this bizarre event, otherwise I’m sure no-one would have believed it.

This event reminded me of similar encounters I have had with dragonflies a few years back (but that’s another blog for another time)...oh and birds or it may have been the tree the birds resided in, either way that’s another good story to share from just a few months ago...if you are interested, let me know and I’ll get writing about that one too!J

What if we are all telepathically connected to ALL things? What could this create in our world I wonder?

Come to think of it, I’m telepathic with my dog Bailey. We often communicate with each other that way, I find that really easy to do, they say we are ALL connected to EVERYTHING...I guess they (whoever they are) are right!! If you have had a similar experience, please let me know, I’d love to hear all about it!!!

Till next time


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