BLOG...Purchasing Property in my 50s!

Purchasing a property in my 50s, and on my own, was something I thought would never be possible for me.

Since my marriage came to completion over 10 years ago, I had always rented. With insufficient funds to purchase again, I knew it would be my only option from then on, and even more so with choosing to work for myself, with never any certainty of income from week to week. Renting was easier and enabled me to work from home to reduce my costs.

It’s taken me 12 years to get to this blog to share my story. 12 years of highs and lows, moves – lots of moves and finally, my full time move to the Gold Coast at Christmas this year, and the start of a new adventure!

Now on the coast and desiring to have a separate clinic to my home, I would be required to pay two rents, another first for me.

Renting a unit walking distance to the beach is very expensive – I found that out, and not surprising really! What’s more, everyone seems to want to do it, so there are more people than there are units available. After looking at several, with sometimes up to 30 other couples, I realised I’d have to go up into the next bracket to find anything really nice, but that next bracket would put tremendous stress on me, especially having to also pay rent for my clinic and with still building a new practice.

The option of once again renting a house and working from home (which is cheaper and what I knew) further away from the coast, felt *heavy and wasn’t the reason I was choosing to move in the first place. My purpose was to move to the coast, to be able to walk to it and on the beach every day, and to walk to my practice...all with ease. Again, using my faith and trust, I KNEW something would show itself. I just had to be patient and wait (not something I’m very good at doing sometimes mind you!).

Around this time, my wonderful partner suggested to me that I buy a unit to live in.

‘Buy a unit. Are you insane, you know I can’t do that. No lending facility will loan me any money, my figures aren’t sufficient enough and I’d be too high a risk. I’m over 50, have no other assets and work for myself in a new practice I’m establishing, you’re nuts to even suggest such a thing’...was something like my response.

I was angry. Not at him, but at me. It again reminded me of my situation, and how at times like these I’ve felt like a failure. To be in my 50s, and still with nothing to show for it. Life is all about the choices we make, and I’d made mine, and again had to remind myself of that fact. At times like these, I revisit my **‘gratitude list’ to get me back on!

About 1 week later, a friend of mine emailed me. She sent me a picture with a link to a unit for sale in Broadbeach saying, ‘I think you could buy this Mel’, check it out...or something to that effect.

I looked at this link she sent me and loved it. But I was confused. That’s now two people in a matter of weeks who are telling me to ‘buy a unit’.

At this point I KNEW this was a message from God for me. Two totally separate people, who have nothing to do with each other, both suggesting I buy. (Sometimes God and the Universe use other people to bring us our messages – remember that!) I rang her and asked her who I should talk too, as she works in the industry. She gave me her details and I contacted her.

We met, I gave her all the information she required, and to my absolute surprise and delight, she gave me pre-approval on the spot! This in itself, is truly a miracle from God. Trust me on this. If I can get a loan based on my situation, anyone can!

So I had pre-approval. I was elated (to say the least!). The unit my friend emailed had already sold, but there was an even better one in the same complex and only 7 minutes walk to my practice and 5 mins to the beach. The deal was made, just prior to Christmas 2015. Now just about everyone involved in selling and buying property goes on holidays around Christmas here in Australia and so, trying to communicate with limited staff across all the different services involved was very stressful.

On the 2nd extension on Christmas Eve, I finally received the call from my lender to say they wouldn’t lend me the money for that unit. This, after weeks of back and forth, and my contact had gone to Hawaii for 3 weeks, so I couldn’t contact her to find out what on earth was going on.

I was disappointed I missed out on my unit. But, in hindsight, was I really? only initially. When I sat and really looked at it, there were several compromises I’d made and had settled with, so in the end no, I’m actually glad it didn’t pull off.

Again, I KNEW everything happens for a reason and I knew there must have been a reason why it all fell through, so I let it all go and decided to wait until my contact returned from Hawaii to start over.

On her return, she advised me their lender doesn’t invest in complexes of over 30 units. This one had 35 units. So why hadn’t anyone told me this from the start????? I’ll never know. An oversight perhaps. Would have helped enormously to have known that, and saved so much time and stress. However, did going through all that serve better believe it did. Whenever situations like this happen, I always, always ask myself ‘so what was good about this, what have I learned from this’, it’s a great tool to use. I certainly learned so much through this experience, and that assisted me with getting the next one with total ease!

I started looking again, this time, with all the information (always make sure you have ALL the information – ask for it up front, another great lesson I learnt).

I found a cute unit within days, which fit within the parameters of the lender. Larger, backing onto a gorgeous parkland, easy access, cheaper and a much nicer complex. Only 3 minutes walk to the beach and 12 minutes to my practice. The owner was desperate to sell, so I settled $10,000 less than she wanted and later found out another unit in the complex sold for $15,000 more than mine which is smaller, with no park outlook and no patio area, so I have equity already and I hadn’t even moved in yet!! It all went ahead without any drama whatsoever, total ease and all within just weeks! I couldn’t be happier.

Our delays are not God’s denials, I promise you that!

I wasn’t, at any time focused on purchasing a property, yet God had other plans for me, and now I’m a property the making!

How does it get any better than that?!

So the moral of this true story?

My belief is that everything in life really does happen for a reason. That we are all (whether religious or not) divinely guided. That everything happens in it’s divine order and time for our ultimate good.

Sometimes we find ourselves doing things, not really even knowing ‘why’, and yet, if we simply trust in this, and follow the energy of where it leads (as I did in this situation), we will be taken care of, and things will work out, even better than we could imagine.

I firmly believe God DOES want the best for us and DESIRES for all of us to create an abundant life (whatever that means for each of us).

‘Ask and you SHALL Receive, knock and the door will be opened’...Matthew 7:7. We have to learn to Ask and take action when opportunities and situations present themselves to us.

Learning ‘How to Ask’, and unlocking ourselves to enable us to become more aware to be able to follow this inner guidance and knowing, is a huge part of the work I do with people.

If you are feeling stuck, locked or blocked in any area of your life, and would like to learn how to unlock and unblock yourself to create more in your me. I can assist you with tools to enable you to create so much more in your life, and all with total ease!

I am available to work with you in person, in my clinic in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, or online via skype, face time or over the phone.
Check out the
‘client feedback’ comments on my website, for more about the work and mentoring I offer. If it feels ‘light’ to contact me, great! Go ahead...I’m ready and would LOVE to support YOU.



If something feels heavy, condensed and restricted when you think of it, that’s your signal of a ‘no’ for you.

If something feels light and expansive, that’s your truth, your ‘yes’, follow it. **gratitude list

A list of things I’m greatful for in my life. For example, eyes to see, fresh air, freedom to choose, an abundance of food, a comfy bed, my own car, my friends etc.. If you don’t have a gratitude list, I encourage you to make one. Starting with a list of 100 things, is a good place to start. Doesn’t need to be 100, can be less or more. This is a great exercise to do with the whole family!


Story by:

Melanie Young

Inspirational Mentor

Oct 2016

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