Our World is Changing!

Our world is forever changing!

Change can be both negative and positive - depending on what we are focusing on.

Remember, what we focus on, we attract!


The good news is, I have some new positive information to share with you…

14 years ago when I commenced on my bioresonance journey, I always knew there would come a day when my very expensive and large heavy device, suitable mainly to practitioners for use in their practices, would become available on a much smaller hand held device, affordable, easy to use and available to everyone, via their own iPhones.

Well, that day has now arrived!!

The world of ‘Healy’ technology is here!


Healy works on the same principle as my device, both being manufactured from Germany, using your body’s own frequencies to harmonise and rebalance your bioenergetic energy fields.

There are over 140,000 different individual frequencies.  It has the ability to scan and analyse your bio-energetic frequency, record and diagnose the areas that are not functioning at optimal level, and delivers those frequencies to you, by a simple wearable device!

This device can assist with pain, sleep, mental balance, learning, weight loss, skin, ageing, fitness, beauty…to name just a few, and also works on animals too!

There are currently four different models to choose from.  You can start with the base model and upgrade at any time, if you desire more programs to choose from. There is also a business model, if that is off interest to you also?

The world of Healy has arrived, and I love this new small device.  As well as this device, I am still here to support you personally ‘in-clinic’ and ‘on-line’.  I can support you with Healy too now!

This device is a great way of keeping your body harmonised and balanced on a daily, or as needed, basis also.

If you’d like more information on the world of Healy, I’ve provided this link.  Check it out for yourself, and if you have further questions, please contact me.  I’m here to support you any way I can!











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