BLOG...Our Delays are not God's Denials

Choosing to start a totally new career at 40 years of age, in the health and wellness industry (following the completion of nearly 25 years working in the printing industry and the breakdown of my 12 year marriage), certainly created plenty of highs and lows. I’ve now had my practice for nearly 10 years !

The majority of those years were spent in Brisbane. Being the gypsy I truly am, I moved houses..a lot within that period – my clients will attest to that!! (I love the adventure of new beginnings). At the end of last year the decision to make a bigger move, to leave what had now become the safe knowing place, with my fully booked practice and wonderful stable lifestyle in Brisbane, to relocate to the Gold Coast and start a new adventure, became an absolute knowing and reality for me!

I committed myself to this decision, by finding a health expo which was to be held in the Gold Coast in 6 months time. I purchased my booth and paid for it in full. Paying in advance created great leverage to follow through for me.

Bob Proctor (one of my great mentors) says, if you really desire something, just commit by paying a deposit or something towards it, then the money will show up to pay for it in full. You don’t need the money until you need the money!

The first time I put this to the test was back in 2011. My parents were going overseas for 6 months holiday and I decided to join them for 3 months of it. I committed by paying the deposit for the flights. That’s all the money I had at that time. I then had 6 months to create the money I would need for the entire 3 months, and like magic, it started showing up and by the time the day came to leave, it was all there!! It’s as though the Universe conspires to assist us, when we ourselves commit! I’ve done this many times now, it really works!

I back to the story...

6 months to find a new clinic space, get marketing material printed etc and be ready. I felt participating at an expo like this one would be a great initial way of meeting new people and booking in some new Gold Coast clients whilst I still had my Brisbane based clinic.

I wrote down everything I desired this new clinic space to be (writing our desires down is a fantastic exercise to do as it creates clarity and vision). i.e...walking distance to the beach, view of the water or at least the sky from my clinic i.e. a window, roomy, easy access for clients with free ample parking, secure, air-conditioned, sound proof, upper market region within a business precinct, within my price limit and walking distance to wherever I would end up living. I started searching the net.

4 weeks out from the expo I found one. It was ideal in so many ways, except it was nowhere near the ocean, in fact about 30 minutes from it, in a suburb, nowhere near any water for that matter! I took it anyway, as the expo was approaching, and I needed to have a clinic in place for it. I paid my bond and we agreed when I’d take it from.

Now this is where I love how the Universe and God works. I had compromised myself yes. Even though it had most of what I desired, except the most important thing which was the reason I was moving to the coast in the first coast!!! and here I was, settling for less than I desired and ordered. Ego took over and I started to let doubt and fear in – EGO...Edging God Out!

Shortly after I signed the contracts and paid the bond, the landlord rang me and informed me that they had made a terrible mistake, that the room wouldn’t be suitable for me as it wasn’t sound proof enough. I got out of my lease and had my bond returned within the hour!

Our delay’s are not Gods denials!!

I knew this cancellation had happened to support me, and that there must of been something even better coming, which hadn’t been ready for me yet! I was so greatful. That’s what faith and trust creates – a knowing that God has your back! I was simply being stalled, my point of view in any case.

Now with only 2 weeks to go to the expo, I again started searching the net...and there it was! A clinic for lease in Broadbeach! Minutes walking to the beach, in a large centrally located shopping centre on the medical precinct floor, safe, secure, unlimited access and with 3 hours free parking and directly across the road from where the expo was to be held! I took it!

Even though I knew that this clinic space wouldn’t be my ultimate practice (due to not having a window for me to see the sky – a must for me) it was the ideal ‘stepping stone’ I required to assist me move to the Gold Coast with total ease!

After being in the Broadbeach clinic space for nearly 12 months, I started getting the ‘knowing’ that it was time to move again. Do you get these ‘gutt feelings’ at all? It’s hard to describe them really. It’s as though God whispers in your ear in the middle of the night and you wake just ‘knowing’ it’s time for a change.

Certainly the last few weeks I had started feeling as though the room was caving in on me, that’s for sure. As I was getting busier and spending longer and longer hours in the room, the need to ‘see outside’ was becoming more and more required.

Trusting this ‘knowing’ I casually looked on gumtree this particular evening after work, and there she was. The most stunning looking clinic space in a Business Centre, just 5 minutes south and still walking distance to the ocean. This room was large and spacious with a window with views to the sky and palm trees, a beautiful mirror reflecting the sky, as well as a sky light and with all these added features of a kitchen with fridge, microwave, complimentary tea/coffee, toilets close by, free parking, a meeting room and conference room – all complimentary and 2 lovely receptionists. The room even came fully furnished if I desired furniture (which I did borrow some!).

On enquiring about the price, it was quite a bit dearer than I had been paying, but based on the same terms. ‘Knowing’ I had clearly been guided to this new space, I trusted, and with faith told them how much I would be willing to pay. Even though I was getting a much better deal overall, I waited for their response. Within a few hours, I heard back with even better news than I expected. They agreed to a price even lower than I had been does it get better than that?!?!..well it did of course. I desired to give my current landlord 3 weeks notice and they were happy to hold the room for me!

I have been working from this beautiful space for 3 months now and I absolutely love it!

So the moral of this story? There are several actually:

. Trust in the process of life and don’t compromise!
. Trust that you are being guided (whether you know it or not!).
. Trust your ‘knowing’, your gutt feeling, your intuition.
. Listen to the ‘whispers of God’.
. Have faith that everything you desire IS on its way.
. Everything happens in God’s perfect timing.
. Write your desires down on paper.
. You don’t need to know all the answers now, just take one step at a time and follow your knowing. . Know that God is on your side.
. And finally...that

Our delay’s are NOT His denials...I promise you that!

If you are feeling stuck, locked or blocked in any area of your life, and would like to learn how to unlock and unblock yourself to create more in your me. I can assist you with tools to enable you to create so much more in your life, and all with total ease!

I am available to work with you in person, in my clinic in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, or online via skype, face time or over the phone.

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Story by:

Melanie Young

Inspirational Mentor

October 2016

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