BLOG...No Pets Allowed!


On arrival to my new apartment, the rules were clear, and stated in black and white on the ‘Property By-Laws’ from the Body Corporate... ‘Pets may not be kept or be brought onto the property’.


Now being the joint owner of a gorgeous four and a half year old golden retriever, who joined our family at just 8 weeks old, this just wasn’t going to work for me.


Knowing the power and potency of having successfully created whatever I have focused on in the past (both positive and negative), and being the positive thinking, ‘Ask and you Shall Receive Queen’ that I now acknowledge I am now!!...I sent a letter to the Body Corporate.


I don’t need to go into all the details of that letter, but basically I requested that Bailey (our dog) be given permission to stay at my apartment, as and when I desired. That I’d keep him out of sight, an easy task, being as I’m the last apartment right down the back of the complex on the ground floor, right next to the back gate into the public park. The fact that he has NEVER barked, even to this day, was another great bonus!


I sent the letter in June. I received back the message that it would be placed as an agenda at the AGM in September.


From June to September I consciously, in my minds eye, saw Bailey in my apartment staying with me, running on the beach and playing with the other dogs, enjoying his time with me. The image was clear and precise, and I focused on it daily.

What we focus on, we attract.


I also started asking relatively frequently...’what will it take for Bailey to be accepted to stay with ease?’ having trust and faith in the Bible’s... ‘Ask and you SHALL Receive’ passage in Matthew 7:7


When I originally moved into the complex, the property managers were dead against animals of any kind, and where, within themselves, just very unhappy people. This didn’t phase me, I just kept on asking.


In August we all received an email from the Body Corporate saying that the property managers had sold, and new property managers were arriving. Around the same time, the unit next to mine sold, and another new owner occupier moved in.


I was so excited, as both these new owner occupiers came with their pets, even though the rules said they weren’t allowed to. One had a dog, the other a cat.


The evening of the AGM arrived. Besides the Body Corporate representatives, the only other people who physically attended this meeting, was all of us! Everyone else sent in apologies and absent votes!!!


When the matter of ‘pets’ arose, my previous request sent in June, had already been circulated to all apartment owners and only one opposed. My asking had been answered positively!!!


As our complex had no committee, the 3 of us (and one other lady not present) formed one that night. We created a new rule...’owner occupiers can have their pets, on application’ and of course it was passed!


Now all 3 of us have our pets with us, and I’m now on the does it get better than that?!?!?!?!,



The moral of this story...


What we FOCUS ON...we ATTRACT. What are you focusing on?


The power of ‘Ask and you SHALL Receive’, whether religious or not, works! Please, use it.


If you need assistance to learn how to focus and/or Ask, contact me.


I’ll teach you. Together we can start to create the life, living and reality you truly desire.




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