It's the month of LOVE

Whether you are single, have a partner or been married for years, Valentine's Day is a great reminder for us all to remember the importance of love and kindness in our daily lives. Not just romantic love, but love of our family, our pets our friends and the community at large.

Love of ourselves, is paramount and a must, if we are to open to vunerability, honestly, and receiving love in return.

If we can learn to truly love ourselves first, unconditionally, without judgement, without barriers, being in total allowance of who we are, embracing and cherishing our individual uniqueness, and sharing this with our loved ones, and the greater community, we will experience living in a state of higher vibration, where gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, ease, joy, fun and harmony all reside.

So many people live their lives through their 'stories of the past', and these 'stories' keep us stuck, and locked in the past and living in a state of lower vibration, where limitation, lack, rejection, abandonment, grief, shame and fear all reside. 

What are you focusing on?  What we focus on we attract.  Start focusing on what you truly desire, not on what you don't want, because either way, you'll get it! For example, if you keep thinking and saying things like...'I'll never find my ideal partner, they're just not out there', I can guarantee you won't find him or her. Instead, focus on attracting your ideal partner by 'feeling' how wonderful it is to have this person already in your life. Say things like, 'I'm so grateful I now have my ideal life partner' in my life.  Where focus flows!

Decide this Valentine's Day and beyond, to Divorce Yourself from your Stories of the Past and Marry YOU, ALL of who you TRULY ARE.

If you're just not feeling the love for any particular reason, and cannot shift out of your 'story' or the past that is 'locking you up', please contact me.  Bioresonance Therapy combined with the Emotional Balancing work I offer, will enable you to let go of all the physical and emotional blockages that are blocking and/or limiting you from creating the life you truly desire.  So Please, call me and let me assist you to start 'living life on YOUR terms!'

Life is choice...what will you choose I wonder?

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