Everything in Perfect Harmony (March 2022)

It sure doesn’t feel like ‘life’ is in harmony and balance right now.
So many people here in Australia and overseas displaced, hurting, their losses overwhelming.
People scared, worried, depressed, feeling total overwhelm, their situations helpless and hopeless.
It’s difficult on all our senses and many feel like giving up.
Yet, life continues.
After the rain, the sun shines again. The birds sing. The grass grows. The seas calm. The noise quietens.
Out of heartache, devastation and loss, generosity, outpourings of support, love and connection avail.  New friendships, connections, opportunities and possibilities arise.
None of us really ‘own’ anything. It is all borrowed and when we finally do leave this planet, we take nothing with us.
Life goes on.  Detach and expand out.
Trying to force open a flower bud before it’s divinely ready to open, doesn’t achieve anything.  Your life is the same. Don’t force. Allow.  Trust in divine timing for EVERYTHING.
Everything destined for you, will be given. It cannot miss you. So don’t worry. Trust. Have faith in the bigger picture for your life and the life of our planet. (Easier said than done at times!)
When life feels like it’s caving in in you, stop, step out of it and get into nature for a short while. Breathe. Get your shoes off and ground yourself in nature.
Eat wholesome ‘live giving’ alkalising foods. Reduce the toxic stimulants. Listen to your fave music. Switch off from everything that is causing you more upset and despair for a while. It’s ok. It’s called ‘self care’ and we all need it. Phone a friend. Connect.
Msg me! I’m not too busy. I’m always available and here for you and your loved ones. If you're really struggling, let's do a session together so I can support to shift gears super fast!
You’ve got this. You’re more than enough. Keep moving forward x

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