Twenty years ago today, I died in a horrific car accident whilst living in central NSW. I was 38 years old.
I still have no memory of the collision or leaving my body. I just remember arriving. Be-ing at this place.
There are no words to describe ‘it’. That place we go after death. It was pure love, in its most simplistic form and so much more.
I was whole, complete, free and surrounded by light and love. I had no need for anything. I was finally home and so so happy.
My joy was interrupted with the words ‘it’s time to go back now, it’s not your time’.
I remember pleading not to send me back. I didn’t want to leave….and I was back.
I awoke ever so briefly to hear broken glass being walked on. It was dark and raining. I realized I was in a car accident. I was slumped over unable to move. The seat belt had saved my life.
I remember someone tapping on my friends window. I was gone again.
I awoke in the hospital emergency department.
The injuries I sustained that night 20 years ago, required 12 months of rest and rehabilitation. I’m so blessed to be here and fully abled.
(The full version of this event - and so much more, is within the pages of my book ‘Vibe Up Your Life’. It’s a great read! You can purchase your copy from the link below.)
I’m sharing this story with you today to reassure you and your loved ones, you have nothing to fear when leaving this planet. Nothing!
Dying is just the beginning of a whole new beautiful life!
People who have had experiences like mine, often see and experience life differently afterwards.
For me, I can’t wait to go back home! But whilst I’m here, I’m LIVING MY LIFE FULLY!
I’m here to do all I can to help others. This is my God given purpose and why I came back.
The work I do is different but it works!  When you are truly ready to let go of your past and embrace life, I’m ready to help you!
My health and wellness is my number 1 priority and I can assist you to make it yours too!
I care deeply.
I love deeply, with my whole heart.
Integrity, honesty and trust are some of my core values.
I take chances. Try new things. Make mistakes. I don’t take life too seriously. I know I’m protected and guided every step of the way.
I have a small footprint now with no real need to accumulate mass material things. We take nothing with us. Everything is borrowed anyway.
I’m not interested in negative people, mind games, greed, judgement, competition and comparisons. They are a waste of my time.
I love meeting new people, exploring new places. Creating memories. Sharing special moments. Having fun. Dancing. Laughing. Being the fullest expression of who I am and what I stand for.
Join me now. Don’t wait for anything.
Live Now. Celebrate your life Now!
Don’t die with life still in you, with regrets.
I was given more time and I’m using it. Don’t waste yours, it’s a gift!
Life is our gift! ❤️
Live each day with gratitude and appreciate everything. Nothing is guaranteed! Give thanks daily. 🙏

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