Welcome to Spring!

Hello! Welcome to spring and another 'newsy' letter! It's been another busy couple of months since my last correspondence and my return from Maui after spending time with Dr Wayne Dyer.  The news of his passing yesterday has been a shock to us all.  I feel so incredibly priviledged to have be amongst those who went to Maui to spent time with him.  How could any of us have known that that workshop would end up being his last public event in his beautiful home town of Maui?  What an incredible man and mentor of mine he was for 30 years.  Your legacy will live on through your many many books and writings, and I for one will miss your wisdom and teachings.  Thank you Wayne, for bringing your messages of love to me and the world.  You will never be forgotten.

His sudden passing has again been a great reminder of how precious life is.  None of us know the day we will be returning home. If you are not creating the life you desire every single day, then perhaps today is that day when you can start.  Life really is so very short.

I am creating the life I desire, and that is one living on the coast!  My NEW clinic opens this Thursday at Broadbeach!  From this week till mid December I will be commuting between the two clinics.  My current one in Manly, Brisbane will continue to operate as well as my new one in the Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach.  This clinic is in a shared space with Broadbeach Podiatry, which I will be occupying with Robert Neilsen, a Podiatrist for over 30 years.  If you need assistance with your feet...he's your man!, and can be contacted directly on (07) 5539 9991.

Looking forward to continuing being of service to you here in Brissy and on the glorious Gold Coast! 



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