Lots of NEWs here at the clinic!

Hello! hello!  I'm so excited to finally be back to share with you what's been going on in my world these past few months. It's hard to believe my last newsletter was back in February, but it was and now we commence June, the first month of winter here in Brisbane Australia, and it's 25 degrees today, how does it get better than that?!

This blog is being dedicated to lots of 'NEW' exciting products and a new service I am now offering and a new clinic opening soon on the Gold Coast.

So firstly, the new products...

Based on the only 'whole food' on the entire planet - marine phytoplankton.   Now available for our consumption with all their amazing benefits are the FGXpress SolarStrips™ for internal usage in a convenient 37.5 mg strip for placement on the tongue.

Secondly are the FGXpress PowerStrips™ for topical use, ideal for the relief of pain and inflammation and

Thirdly, the FGXpress BeautyStrip™ System, a beautifully hand-crafted all natural kelp seaweed mask with 14 serums for that feeling of beauty from the inside out!

All these products are now available here at my on-line store, together with all the information, so go check them out!

The new Access Energetic Facelift service is now available here at my clinic.  Now this has to be experienced to believe just how amazing you and your entire body will feel, after just one session!

Lastly, yes my new second clinic is due to open late August on the Gold Coast, offering all the services I have available here in Brisbane.  So stay close and I'll update you will all the info, once I have it all gathered!! I'm very excited!

The LITTLE LIGHT SPIRITUAL & WELL BEING Fair will be held on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, and I'll be exhibiting there at Stand 48, looking forward to seeing as many Gold Coast and surrounding area residents as possible!

That's all for now peeps!

...cause it is!!!! x

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