Welcome to 2015!!

Hello and thank you for popping in, Happy New Year to YOU!!! I'm so excited for what this new year will create for us all moving forward. Last year I was blessed in coming into contact with Access Consciousness, and had a wonderful year exploring more of who I am, learning new tools and techniques to enrich my life, and using those additional tools to assist others here in the clinic. This year I will continue to expand my awareness of what's possible. What I learn I will share with you through these newsletters and in person for those whom come to see me.  To live life from a space of joy and happiness, regardless of what's going on around us, to be kinder to ourselves and our body's, to honour ourselves first, instead of what we've been conditioned to be and do.  If we can let go of all the judgements of self and others, and let go of all the rules of what must be, can't be, all the shoulds and should nots, the whys and the maybes, if we can let down our guards, take off our masks and simply choose to allow 'all of us' to show up and be, without judgement, without comparison, without competition, what would this create for each and every one of us in 2015?

A great way to start implementing this way of life is to have your Bars run in combination with the Bioresonance and Emotional Balancing Therapies. Having your Bars run is like defragging your computer (brain) to let go of everything that limits you, to allow you to receive everything you desire, and more! If this interests you, there's more about the Bars below and on my website, so please check it out! 

My New Years Resolution is to have my Bars run once a week, every week, to create even more joy, happiness, awareness and space from which I can create even more possibilities for the year ahead, and to honour my body with regular bioresonance therapy sessions, to keep her functioning from optimum health and balance. I find combining these two therapies creates an even higher level of health, energy and vitality! 

What will you choose this year?  If your body/mind/emotions are not functioning from the space you truly desire, consider 2015 to be your year to change this.  Call me and allow me to assist you in achieving your optimal health and wellness targets this year.   Whatever you choose, I too wish you a year of happiness, fun and fulfillment. 

Have a phenomenal 2015, whatever that means to you and yours!



If your festive celebrations were anything like mine, and your body would LOVE to be detoxed and rejuvenated in a gentle, relaxed, non-invasive, totally honoured way, I would love to assist you!!! Why not book in and come and have a Bioresonance Detox Therapy session with me. Let's detox and rejuvenate your entire body ready for the year ahead. Add on a 30 minute Ion Flush Foot Detox and/or Bars Session for the complete package of nurturing!


I am now offering my Emotional Balancing Therapy sessions remotely, to assist those unable to physically come to my clinic.  If this is of interest to you, all you require is a Skype connection.  If you, or anyone you know is interested in this service, please contact me for more information.

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