Its starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Hello and welcome to my last newsletter for 2014!  Where has this year gone? Having been on holidays overseas for a few months, and returned to wonderful new premises, I for one, am nowhere near ready, but it's coming whether I'm ready or not!

Seeing homes starting to light up their houses for everyone to enjoy, is magical to me, and really brings the true essence of this festive season to life.  Whether you will be sharing Christmas with family, friends, strangers or alone this year, tap into the significance of this period.  Take some time to reflect on the past 12 months - what did you create? What did you learn?

What if this festive season and coming year you chose the gift of YOU? You chose to allow yourself to fully give and receive to yourself and others without judgement, without limitation, without rules and conditions attached? Do you think your life would expand or contract?  Would being true to YOU create more in 2015 or less? We spend so much of our life doing and being what others expect of us, what we have been conditioned to be and do, and this creates stress on our emotional and physical body and that stress, over time, impedes us and dis-ease can set in. If your physical or emotional body is under stress, bioresonance therapy, emotional balancing therapy and/or having your bars run will assist you in creating what you truly desire, so contact me, and give yourself the gift of health this festive season.

Use this festive season to rest up, relax and let go off the past 12 months.  If Christmas is a stressful time for you usually, what can you do differently this year to enable you to enjoy it more? Who can you delegate jobs too? What else is possible that you haven't even thought of?

So please, give the 'Gift of YOU' this Christmas. To yourself and your loved ones. ALLOW yourself to BE who you truly be.  There is no greater gift!


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