Tis the Month of Love!


Hello again! Thanks for checking in with me again, especially as it's so soon after my last correspondence.

I just wanted to remind you of a few things coming up, and say a few words about Valentine's Day this Friday.

Whether you believe in this day or not, it's still a wonderful reminder for all of us to acknowledge those in our lives who 'matter the most'. Partners, family, friends, work colleagues? When was the last time you showed them how you really feel - verbally, physically and emotionally?

I think one of the worst things in life would be to lose a loved one or friend, before telling them how you felt. This is your opportunity everyone, male and female alike!! If you are someone who does express your feelings often, I congratulate you!

So my next question to you then is, when was the last time you really loved 'you', just as you are right now? We spend so much of our lives beating ourselves up, never feeling worthy or deserving of just 'being' and enjoying life in the present moment. I personally believe with love alone, anything, everything and everybody, can achieve whatever they truly desire and hope for in their world.

'Love of Self' of course being the most important love lesson for all of us to learn, and February is a great month to start really focusing on you and loving YOU! No-one is more important than YOU and when you take care of yourself, everyone else benefits - but YOU have to come first.

Just like we are told whenever we board a plane "place the mask over your face, before securing over your children's". Take care of 'you first' then you can take better care of everyone else around you.

If you struggle with that concept, or need a little help removing the sabotaging emotional blocks which tell you otherwise, then call me - I can help you with this also.

Till next time, take care and LOVE YOU!

With love and gratitude

Bicom Specialist

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