Bioresonance & Detoxing!

What do Bioresonance and Detox have in common?

Both are available at Into Harmony Health Services!

If you are ready for your new year's detox and cleanse, give your body the detox it now deserves, and most probably desires!

The bicom machine has several excellent programs built into it which cater for assisting the body remove the toxins accumulated over the festive season, and boost the detoxification organs to enable them to perform at optimal health.

I can give your liver, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder, digestive system, lymphatic and immune system the gift of improved function, by giving them a bioresonance therapy session for just one hour. If you have any emotional blockages, we can work on those at the same time! If you have taken any flights during your festive season, then let's clear the radiation collected in your body too!

Put all this together with he Ion Flush Body Detox and your body gets an entire detox all in 1.5 hours! You'll feel lighter, more energised and overall healthier and happier! With the body detox, you see the results right before your very eyes!

Call me TODAY and book in. What a wonderful way to start honouring yourself and body!

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