The rash was barely visible now, after just one session!

He came to see me whilst he was on his Christmas holiday break, suffering from a red rash that was all over his legs, arms and torso.  It had appeared since mid December and wasn’t improving. My client told me he had been suffering with it for over a month now and was extremely itchy and debilitating. After seeing two doctors, having blood tests, referral to a dermatologist and then a herbal physician, nothing had assisted in removing it. All he was given was histamine medication to calm down the itching and recommended to come back in a few months.  His wife found me on facebook, and he came to see me for an initial 2 hour session.  3 days later he came for his follow up session for 1 hour, prior to returning home up north.  To my delight, the rash was barely visible and he told me he hadn’t needed to take any more medication since our first session.

He can now travel back home in comfort and return to work with ease!

A month of suffering and multiple appointments to doctors when he should have been relaxing and just enjoying his Chrissy holidays.  If you or anyone you know is suffering, please call me, and let’s get whatever is holding you back sorted, so you too can get on with your life, living and reality with ease and joy as he now can!

Written with approval from my client, Arky M. Biloela Qld