"The On-Line session went beyond my expectations"

“The Vivaciti ON-LINE session went beyond my expectations. It's safe to say that I've worked with dozens of energy workers and healing practitioners, and Melanie is one of the best. She weaves many respected modalities into a unique framework that is fast and powerful, while remaining soft and compassionate. The later because Melanie brings her heart to the table and holds a space for true healing on all levels. We addressed a shoulder issue that I was worried could become chronic if left untreated. I knew intuitively it was an emotional rather than a physical issue, so the work Melanie does sounded perfect. I'm impressed by how skillfully she lasered in on the underlying issue and worked with me to release the energy without the need for unnecessary catharsis. For sure, I had a few emotional moments, however they cleared as quickly as they arose. Right away I felt like my shoulder was reattached to my body, whereas it had felt disembodied before. The next day, I noticed a burst of renewed energy and zest for life. A few days later my posture is still relaxed and happy. I was even inspired to do an hour of yoga, which my body hasn’t wanted to do in months. When you want lasting shifts of what ails you, physically and emotionally, delivered with the skill and kindness of a healing savant, then Melanie from Vivaciti is for you.” Dianne - Victoria