"Thank you for giving me back my daughter again".

Two weeks ago my client presented feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed. She wasn’t eating properly, instead drinking up to 15 cups of coffee a day just to cope. She kept vomiting and had constant headaches. Unable to sleep, she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, struggling to balance responsibilities of a wife, a mother to two young children and studying to finish her demanding degree commitments. Stress, depression and anxiety were her constant daily companions.
I worked with her for 2 hours, clearing her self sabotage, physical and emotional blocks and rebalancing all her energies.
Today she came for her follow up.
I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was so happy and relaxed. No more overwhelm, headaches, vomiting. She’s sleeping again, energised, eating and has reduced her coffee input to just one third (with more reduction to come!). She’s totally motivated and has let go of her sabotage, perfectionism and need to over perform. There was so much more, but you get the idea here!
Her mum even rang me and said...
"Thank you for giving me back my daughter again.  I'm not worried anymore".
I LOVE my work!!!
I’m SO grateful to be part of peoples tranformations!😃❤️