My Trip of a Life time wouldn't have happened without you Mel

This is Melanie and I'm sharing Lisa's words to me...
I've been assisting Lisa for over 7 years now. She has never had any major health challenges, just the desire to keep her physical and emotional body in peak shape, as she loves running and participating in marathons and triathlons.
She has just returned from her first overseas trip. This trip included Spain, where she completed a portion of the Camino Trail walk, the most famous pilgrimage in the world.
She expressed how I was there with her the whole time! She walked a total of 200kms, a lot of it alone, in thought and reflection.
She remembered our own journey together over the years, and how her life has changed so much with everything I’ve assisted her with physically, but also through mentorship and changing her mindset to one of possibilities. How grateful she has been for everything, and that this dream trip wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for me preparing her physically, and encouraging her emotionally, to step beyond her comfort zone to try something different and new!
Next year she's planning on returning and completing 800kms! 
Glad I am here to assist in your preparation for that trip Lisa!!