"I had been challenged with a long term rash"...

This lady is a gem I come up from Melbourne for her magic!
I was last here in 2015 when Melanie did several sessions on my body and cleared so many old patterns
 that did not serve me any more. I am a heart and vascular patient however at the time I had been challenged with contact dermatitis that was serve and all over my body, the emotional stress that was in my body as a result was immense! Since then my health has been getting better and better ever since.
2017 and my body was ready for more so I got on a plane. I'm so thrilled to be back with Melanie working on my body. We just had another jam packed 2 hr session. There were many toxins that could not organically escape my body and the doctors were not able solve this issue that was suffocating my organs so much so that my ability to even go for the gentlest of walks was limiting. In truth they were not even picking up the issue!!! Melanie promoted the healing process within my body. Fear of change was on the list of things came up and deep emotional stuff too, and yes I am happy to report they got cleared. 
Looking forward to what this new chapter will bring for me! 
How can it get any better than this.........
My body and soul are in so much gratitude for your intuitive gifts that are assisting me on my journey to wellness and living the life I am meant for thanks Melanie,

Cheers, Debra H. Melbourne