'he was like a different person'


From a client in New Zealand, after we had a one-hour zoom online session...

'Morning Melanie, just thought I'd share with you some changes I noticed immediately after our session on Tuesday...

My partner gave up smoking and drinking over a year ago, he was a heavy smoker and heavy drinker (he has done so well and I'm proud of him!) he also stopped his meds around 6 months ago, and since then we noticed he is impatient and on the moody side all the time. We are always scared to say anything cause he snaps.

When I went downstairs Tuesday afternoon after our session, to help him clear rubbish under the house, it was like he was a different person (I felt the shift immediately) he was smiley and easy to talk to.

His mum has even noticed it as well. It's so much nicer and I feel like I have my 'old' partner back again!

So whatever it was that we did, has gone a long way to getting our relationship back on track.

Thank you '

Chonell, New Zealand