'everything turned around after our session!'

Sherylanne contacted me for assistance. She lives in Sydney and I'm on the Gold Coast, Australia. She and her team were competing for the first time in the Samba category of the World Championships in Latin Dance, in Colombia late last year, 2019.

She wanted to be in the best mental and physical state possible. The enormity of the task ahead had start to set in for her.  She was also experiencing some body pain.

We had a one hour online zoom session.

They’ve returned to Oz after winning 1st place! World Champions!!!

Sherylanne rang me today to thank me and provide the following feedback...

‘Everything turned around after our session! I felt back in control and in my power again. My stomach and back pain left and I felt better immediately, and everything stayed! You cleared so much stuff, I want another session!’
(Written with her permission).