I recently assisted a young school girl who was being bullied each day at school and harassed throughout the evenings on social media.
Her mother contacted me to see if I could help her in any way, as her confidence and self-esteem had been shattered and she was worried she would slip into a deep depression. The school was aware of it, but nothing had assisted to stop it.
I worked with this beautiful young lady for just 2 separate one-hour sessions.
This morning I received this beautiful sms from her (the daughter)...
"Hi Melanie, I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for your support in helping me through this. I am so glad my mum met you many years ago and I've realised that with what you taught me, I always want to keep it in my life and help with a positive mindset. I have had a better 1st week back at school this week, thank goodness....Thanks again Melanie, you are the best and I love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
There is much more specific information about the incredible shifts that took place, but that I'll keep private. I'm just so delighted for her, and her family.
If you know anyone who is being bullied or has low self-esteem and/or lacks confidence, please reach out to me. I can assist them....any age and background. I don't discriminate and it's always totally discreet and confidential.
Life is too just way too short to miss out on living it to our fullest!