"I KNOW I am finally on the road to recovery...there has been a major shift"

"Thank you Melanie Young for the last three days of intense realignment of the energy in my body.
I have arrived back in Melbourne last night exhausted. Awoke refreshed this morning after the sleep of all sleeps with the strangest feeling that I have a brand new body! things had changed my body was acting differently, when walking this morning the pains that I have had in my calf for years when walking had moved and in some areas totally gone!!
I have come off a daily cortisone dosage of 25gm while having Melanie treat my chronic skin condition. I did not know how this was going to go as in the past coming off this drug the results had been devastating with massive flare ups....to my delight there is only a little redness, the worst seems to have been taken away by the Bioresonance Therapy.
I am so taken by the results I am booking my flights again in another 4 weeks. I have been trying to sort out my skin condition for the last 4 years with no resolution from any medical practitioner.....today relief and no cortisone.
I KNOW I am finally on the road to recovery....there has been a major shift.
If you are suffering from allergies or body / emotional imbalances. Mel is your girl. Even flying interstate is worth it, to have quality of life back again such a blessing! Simple, non invasive and relaxing!
Thank you Mel for giving me my life back". ♡ Debra H, Melbourne