"I am sleeping the night through, after 30 years!"

"The positive changes I have experienced since seeing Melanie are, I am sleeping the night through (after 30 years that is a breakthrough in itself). I had no reaction to the plane flight home, or an hour in the Aged Care Facility, either of which would normally wipe me out. I had hair spray fired at me from about 2 metres away - no reaction. Yesterday I used WD40 - no reaction. Today, I tested non-organic coffee, by going out with a friend - all OK. My energy levels are marvelous, I feel relaxed and happy, and my interaction with my son has already changed dramatically. He is obviously responding to a happier, healthier mother, and is being much more co-operative and helpful without being asked - an enormous bonus.

Thank you for your expertise." Toni H, Chiropractor