"So good to be alive, better than I felt in years!"

"I met Melanie at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Brisbane 2014, and made an appointment for the initial two hour session. Prior to this session, I had been suffering with environmental sensitivities for 24 years. While I had some good patches in that period, generally I found my life was quite difficult. I reacted to so many different things. I had spent years looking for an answer and had tried various things, and some helped me to improve a bit, but truly I still found life very tricky to negotiate. I did not leave the house without a large hanky in my pocket, which I had ready to place across my nose and mouth when I saw smokers, or was close to people who smelled of perfume. I suffered terribly after contact with these substances, so often I staggered home and was ill for hours and in some cases for days after contact with these, so I was very careful. I started my own online business in 2009, so I could work from home. This helped as I had control over my environment.  You can imagine how encouraged I was on meeting Melanie, as she told me that she could assist me. After my first two hour session I went home feeling much better, and was elated to discover how wonderful I felt the next day. I just felt so good to be alive, better than I felt in years. After my third session, I accidentally walked past someone smoking and didn't notice the cigarettes, as I didn't get any reaction.  I feel freer, as now I can go places without having to worry. My partner is happier now to go walking with me, as he does not have to feel embarrassed (as he used to), when I slapped a hanky over my face. This support has made me feel so much better, and at last, day by day, the dark circles under my eyes are starting to fade. I recently met someone I hadn't seen for a couple of months and they exclaimed about how great I looked. Its true, as my face looks so much lighter and brighter now that my health has improved. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone at all with health issues." Liz, Redcliffe