"Going to Into Harmony Health Services was one of the best decisions"

"Going to 'Into Harmony Health Services' was one of the best decisions for me and came at a time when I was heading on a downward spiral in my life.  In September 2008 I experienced major anxiety. I was a mess! My body and mind were out of integrity and I was struggling to exist. Then, I was introduced to Melanie and Bioresonance Therapy.

I was a skeptical man and my first reaction was...'what is this stuff?'. But I realised I needed to do something else for me. I needed to explore the possibilities resulting in opening myself up to being supported by Melanie. From the first time I stepped in the door, Melanie invoked a spiritual essence that was comforting and inspiring. Her gentle, professional and caring approach put me at ease, with my session resulting in me finding out my body was being stressed emotionally and from external pressures.

I have now regained balance within my body. Emotionally Melanie uncovered conditioning that was preventing me living a fruitful life which was stopping me truly putting my best foot forward. Her techniques and skills have given me a new sense of purpose and drive that has been missing for a while. My body and mind feel more in balance. I am in a better space because of the assistance I received from Melanie via the Bioresonance and Emotional therapy.

I don't know how this stuff works but all I do know that it has worked for me and that is the best result I could ever have asked for. Melanie has provided me with a gift of a better me and so much more. Thanks Melanie and I will always be gratetful for what you have done for me.” Tom, North Lakes