"I had recurring rashes all over my body"

"I went to see Melanie after having reoccurring rashes all over my body on a weekly basis, lasting for up to 4 days at a time, being very uncomfortable and itchy.  I was willing to try anything, as my regular doctor would give me creams and medications that would mask the problem, but not cure it.  I was unsure about Melanie's work, and whether this could help me.  My first visit felt very safe and relaxed, Melanie created an environment that made me feel at ease and gave me a feeling she was in control and could help me get through this distressing time for me.  Melanie assisted in promoting my healing process!  Thank you Melanie for being so kind and professional and for changing my life.  I would highly recommend this alternative treatment to anybody that would listen".  Juliette, Manly