"Melanie identified all the stresses"

"The kitchen told the story.  3 different types of milk in the fridge, 2 types of bread on the bench and having to prepare a variety of meals at dinner time.  I was at my wits end.  Children always complaining of stomach pains, messy bowel movements and always congested.  Going out for dinner or away on holidays was a nightmare. I met Melanie at a Gluten Free Food Expo.  She patiently explained the benefits of the services she provided.  After answering a barrage of questions, I decided to give her a go - much to the dismay of my non-believing husband. We have just finished the session with our third child.  The number of sessions for my children have been between 4-6 visits each. One thing that does stick in my mind, we visited Melanie just after our 2nd child had had an IGG93 (food allergy blood test).  Without any knowledge of the test results, Melanie's tests confirmed the 7 items, plus identified extra items I wasnt even aware of. Meal times are now so much easier, and we are able to go out for dinner without any fuss.  My husband is now a believer!  Thanks so much Melanie" Kristin, Wellington Point