"I feel more balanced and passionate about life"

"When I first came to see Mel nothing was working in my life.  I was always tired, suffered from candida and had an STD which made me feel very ill & most of all, always stressed.  My husband and I wanted a family, but I felt that my body needed help before I could handle motherhood.  We worked through virus testing, allergies and radiation.  Turns out my body was under enormous stress.  I had tried all sorts of diets and natural therapies, but nothing was sticking.  Mel treated all stressors and we worked through emotional balancing to clear all blockages.  Mel's treatments changed my life.  Today I have boundless energy, dont suffer from jet lag and can eat whatever I want.  Its easy to handle the working week.  I feel more balanced and passionate about life.  Recently my husband and I separated and Mel was my first point of call.  Mel helped me with the emotions that come with this stressful event.  My friends commend me on how quickly I have healed and how amazing I look!  I feel better today than I have ever felt.  I feel ready to move on and know I will be ready for motherhood when the time is right.  I visit Mel for my regular balance and detox sessions and if something's not working in my life - we clear that too!! Mel is an amazing healer.  I wish everyone knew about her! Today I am excited about the future and feel healthier than in my 20's!!!  Lee, Fortitude Valley