"I got my life back"

"My health issues had started almost 12 years before I saw Melanie.  I had tried every remedy heard of, but just seemed to be getting progressively worse over the years.  The only things I could eat without suffering an adverse reaction were vegetables and eggs.  I was barely functioning.  I decided I needed to do something drastic to improve my health and turn my life around.  I came upon Melanie's flyer and took the plunge...

From the very first session I started feeling better, and within a few months was feeling strong and healthy again.  I got my life back!  I now have so much energy I have been able to take up part-time studies whilst still working and running a busy family household.  I can jog and go to the gym again, and aches and pains are a thing of the past. I am no longer on thyroid medication and my heart beat is normal.  I can eat anything without fear of being violently ill the next day.  I have even been able to drink wine, something I haven't done for more than 20 years!

I have been so impressed with the results I achieved, that I have purchased my own device now, with the intention of helping other people too.  I am studying nutritional medicine to support this goal, and am very excited about the direction my life is taking. 

I found Melanie to be empathetic, methodical and very knowledgeable.  She offered sound, practical advice and I always felt I was in good hands with her.  I would highly recommend her and her services."  Karen, Lota Qld