"I had energy and was sleeping again and I have no pain"

"I was in extreme pain with digestive and bowel problems to the point I was dreading eating.  I was suffering from severe muscle cramps in my feet and up my legs.  I was suffering high levels of stress and anxiety.  My doctor diagnosed me with IBS but nothing worked.  One day in sheer desperation and sick of the pain I found a brochure in the local coffee shop and found I ticked all the boxes on Melanie's brochure.  I made the call.  After 2 visits with Melanie I felt great and was not in any pain.  I had energy and was sleeping again.  My cramps are very mild now and on the way to being addressed.  My digestion is now functioning and I have no pain.  I cannot believe the change that has taken place.  I have quality of life back and feel great 6 weeks on.  This is an amazing treatment program, and it works.  So glad I made the call that day!"  Helen, Manly