"Im not struggling through life now, I am enjoying my life"

'For years I have struggled emotionally and physically and tried pretty much anthing anyone suggested, but to no avail.  When I met Melanie she suggested I try Bioresonance Therapy.  I replied that she might be taking on more than she bargained for.  To which she replied "I look forward to the challenge".  Well what can I say, I had a remarkable result from my very first visit both physically, emotionally and mentally.  I was hooked.  I now tell anyone who will listen. I had a few sessions and dealt with issues I didnt even really realise I had or had simply just learnt to live with.  It helped me achieve both physical and emotional balance at levels I never thought I would achieve.  I feel more energised and motivated than I ever have.  Im not struggling through life now, I am enjoying my life.  Now I just go on a regular basis when I feel out of balance.  Most times I only need one visit to get back on track.  I also highly recommend the foot detox at the end of a session.  For me, it just seems to complete the treatment.  Melanie is a beautiful, gentle, loving and caring person and her professionalism is outstanding.  She provides a relaxing environment that helps you to feel right at ease.  It is amazing just how accurate her treatments are.  I recommend that anyone who needs help, to do yourself a favour, and give Melanie a call!' Linda, Kangaroo Point