The Screwdriver in my Pocket

I recently had an unexpected situation show up in my private life that created in me shock, uncertainty for the way forward, and deep sadness.

Around this same time, I also traded in my old car to purchase a new one. 

The day after I purchased my new car,  I drove her to the Motor Registry Office to exchange the generic number plates to my own personalised ones.

I unscrewed the existing plates, putting the screws in my pocket.

There was a long queue outside.  COVID-19 restrictions were still in place, and only so many people were allowed within the premises, at the one time.

I awaited my turn to go in.  As I walked into the premises, I realised I was holding the screwdriver in my hand.  Now obviously, it was a motor vehicle registry, one would expect some people to have screwdrivers, but with all of today’s craziness, it could also be seen as a weapon, so I quickly put it in my pocket - without any thought.

My number was called, and I arrived at the counter to explain my desire to swap over plates. An easy request.  However, on checking my registration details, the dealer I had purchased my new car from, hadn’t actually swapped the cars ownerships over yet.  Here I was driving around unrestricted (without my knowledge). He still owned my new car, and I still owned my old one - even though I had fully paid for my new one.

I couldn’t believe it. The supervisor came over to assist.  She rang the dealer directly.  He advised he would go into his local motor registry office the following day.

‘How could he could be so negligent and unprofessional’, I thought.  I’ve been driving round unregistered, how unsafe and illegal is that! I started to feel anger and disappointment creeping up.  With this, I slammed my hands into my pockets, completely forgetting the screwdriver in my right one - with the sharp metal facing upwards. My little finger was right on target for the collision course.  The screwdriver slipped right down between my nail and finger,  lifting the nail almost completely off.


The pain was excruciating, but not wanting to sound any alarm bells, I kept my composure.  I could feel the blood start to swell and my little finger start to throb.  I slowly lifted my hand out of my pocket (keeping it out of sight) and turned my hand upwards, curling in my fingers, so the blood wouldn’t drop to the floor.  Being in the COVID-19 conditions we were in, this would have been a disaster.  Blood and a screwdriver!!


I kept resilient whilst I finished my conversation with the attendant. I wouldn’t be able to swap plates over today.  I’d have to wait until he had swapped ownership over, and then come back in a day or so.  They were lovely ladies and said they’d call me, once it was all done, so not to waste my time coming back until it was all ready. Having noted everything on file, I was safe to drive.

I left the premises.  Got back to my car and had to put the number plates back on.  Fortunately I had a box of tissues in my car, so I was able to wrap my little finger up tightly to support it.

Everything we think, feel and say, will show up in our physical bodies - one way or another.

I was experiencing feelings of shock, uncertainty for the way forward, deep sadness and now topped with disappointment, anger and fear for my safety.


Now here’s how I love this work I do…

Little finger on the right hand can represent your ‘survival and sense of security’.

This was exactly what I was experiencing emotionally,  and my body created it’s exact representation in my physical body. I had again forgotten who I truly am for a short while, and letting outside circumstances affect my inner world in both these situations. What we focus on…we attract!  Positively and negatively.


What a lesson to learn the hard way.  I now have a little finger with no fingernail. I'm trusting it will grow back, now I’ve learnt the lesson!!


Two days later I was able to return to the motor registry office and swap the plates over, being the new proud owner of my beautiful car, and the ideal solution in my private life was also created.

This is yet another example of how our mind/body works. 

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