Easter Can Be YOUR Opportunity to Change!

Easter is just around the corner and so is our opportunity for change!

Whether you are religious or not, Easter is a time for ALL OF US.  It's a time for connection, communion, unity, one-ness.  It signifies transformation.  It's the ideal time to 'die to the old' to shed (just like a snake) and allow you to 'rise' and bring forth transformation into your life.  

Just prior to transformation often comes a time of darkness as the old is dismantled to make way for the new.  Old patterns, old beliefs. Your old self. So if you've been feeling down, stuck, frustrated, dark, alone, abandoned, fearful, rejected, judgemental, angry at yourself for no particular reason, please know you are in the process of transmuting them all right now, to make way for your own transformation! Give yourself the time and space when you need it. This is a very important time of the year for us ALL to do this.

These heavy, negative emotions are all part of your shedding experience. They need to rise to the surface in order to be released.  Go within and ask yourself what's really going on here with me. Journal/write out what comes up. It's a great way to identify, capture and release these emotions and create clarity.  Once done, go out into nature.  Move your body. Release it all. Rebalance. Energise. Listen to your favourite uplifting music.  Switch off from mainstream and negativity of ALL kinds. Pray. Give Gratitude. Breathe. FEEL FREE! Know you are not alone here.

Everything is happening for a reason for us all to learn, grow and heal, individually and also as a planet. This will enable you to raise your energetic vibration once again and keep you in 'the light'.  It's part of your personal life journey to the 'new'! Transmuting from 3D to 5D energies, so just go with it.  Embrace it. Stay in your heart space.  Love yourself.  Love others.  BE FULLY PRESENT.  Do whatever you need to, to enable you to ride out this storm.  It will pass and as we know, following storms comes rainbows and sunshine!

If you need support whilst going through these changes, whether physically or emotionally, remember I am here to assist you, so PLEASE PLEASE REACH OUT! I do understand.  I've been going through this too.

If you haven't been going through these emotions, you can still benefit from these current energies. 

What in your life needs to die, to be let go off?  This could be as simple as cleaning out the cupboards or wardrobes and sorting all the old clothes that no longer fit you anymore, to allow new ones to enter. Is it time to move?
What about in your career?  Is it time for a new career or a revised enthusiasm towards it? 
Your physical body? - is it time to once and for all get your body into the desired physical and emotional state you've always wanted?
Relationships - how are they doing?  Really look at them, all of them.  Are there people in your inner circle that need moving out or others who need welcoming in? Is it time for a change? Our current world has created such a divide amongst people.  Do you need to align with new like-minded friends now?

This is the time of year when the Universal Energy is most active in supporting us all to make these changes, to truly live life to the fullest NOW, not later when the 'time is right', the time is now, later may never come and will never be more 'right' than in this present time.

Have the courage to step forward now. 'Courage is a love affair with the unknown' OSHO.  I love this quote.  You have all the universal energies and God with you...always, you can never be alone.

What will you choose this Easter? More of the same or to step courageously into the unknown where everything is possible!!??

God bless you and may your transformation begin..... You've got this x


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