What if this Christmas you chose YOU?

It's been a crazy couple of months, but I'm delighted with my new full time clinic at the Oasis Shopping Centre in Broadbeach, and the lifestyle that I've chosen to go with it!

Christmas is once again just around the corner.  It's so lovely to see shops and homes getting into the Christmas feel. Brings such joy and magic and the true essence of this festive season to life.  Whether you will be sharing Christmas with family, friends or alone this year, tap into the significance of this period. Take some time to reflect on the past 12 months - what did you create? What did you learn?

What if this festive season and coming year you chose YOU, the Gift of YOU? You chose to allow yourself to fully give and receive without judgement, without limitation, without rules and conditions attached?  Do you think your life would expand or contract?  Would being true to YOU create more in 2016 or less?  We spend so much of our life doing and being what others expect of us, what we have been conditioned to be and do, and this creates stress on our emotional and physical body and that stress, over time, impedes us and dis-ease can set in.

Use this festive season to rest up, relax and let go off the past 12 months.  If Christmas is a stressful time for you usually, what can you do differently this year to enable you to enjoy it more? Who can you delegate jobs too? What else is possible that you haven't even thought of?..and of course, I'm here too, to assist you in de-stressing, if needed and desired!!!

So please, give the 'Gift of YOU' this Christmas.  To yourself and to your loved ones.  Allow yourself to BE who you truly be.  There is no greater gift.

This year I will only be taking a super mini break from the clinic.  My last day will be Wednesday 23rd, re-opening on Monday 28th, so if you or any of your visiting relatives or friends require to see me, I'm here and totally flexible with my days/hours, so please, contact me!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Love and hugs xx


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