Easter - a time for Transformation!

Hello again! 

Can't believe Easter is upon us once again, but here it is, and so is the opportunity to transform our lives right along with it! The energy which surrounds this time of year is wonderful.  Whether you are religious or not, Easter is a time which signifies transformation.  Its the ideal time to 'die to the old' and transform to the 'new'.   What in your life needs to die, to be let go off?  This could be as simple as cleaning out the wardrobes and sorting all the old clothes that no longer fit you anymore, to allow new ones to enter.  What about in your career?  Is it time for a new career or a revised enthusiasm towards it?  Your physical body - is it time to once and for all get your body into the desired physical and emotional state you've always wanted? Relationships - how are they doing?  Really look at them, all of them.  Are there people in your inner circle that need moving out or others who need welcoming in?  This is the time of year when the Universal Energy is most active in supporting us all to make these changes to truly live life to the fullest NOW, not later when the 'time is right', the time is now, later may never come.  I encourage you to take some time over this Easter period and really get clear on where you are at in all areas of your life, and make the decision to take whatever action is necessary to support you in transforming into the 'new revised you' whatever form that needs to take.  If you need support with these changes, whether physically or emotionally, remember I am here to assist you with the various services I offer, so call me.

God bless you all and may the transformations begin.....

Happy and Safe Easter to us all. With love and gratitude



I was once totally allergice to my most favourite part of Easter - Hot Cross Buns! I was intolerant to wheat, yeast, dairy and sugar.  But not any more!!! Bioresonance Therapy brought my entire body back into balance with these foods and it's held now for over 10 years!  Within a very short period of time you too could be enjoying all the treats of Easter and beyond, all the foods you currently think you can never have again.  Join me!  Call me today!

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