"My life has changed forever"

'In 1978 at the age of 16 my life changed forever.  When walking through a local park I was involved in a freak accident.

After spending time in hospital, I returned to full training, without proper rehabilitation, and have consequently suffered chronic pain for the last 38 years.

I have visited close to 100 different therapists over this 38 year period, both here and around the world, with no improvement. The pain experienced subsequently affected my career, my marriage, relationships with family and friends, as well as my ability to enjoy life. It also had an affect on my overall health, as I was forced to survive on a large cocktail of strong medications.

Earlier this year a friend told me of the amazing results she and her sons had achieved after just a few sessions with Melanie.

Before my first visit appointment with Melanie I had learned that emotions can play a large part in what our physical bodies experience every day. From the very first session with Melanie results were positive.

The whole process of getting my life back has been very enjoyable as Melanie is very intuitive as to what is best for me. Her sessions has had a huge impact for me, and led to rapid results being achieved. 

I had medical conditions that my GP and Naturopath were unable to improve over a long period. Melanie was able to make massive changes within a few sessions and this improved my chronic pain and energy almost immediately. Subsequent blood and hair sample test results were greeted with amazement by my GP and Naturopath. They both said that they had never witnessed such rapid change, which I had achieved thanks to Melanie.

3 months down the track and I now take a fraction of the heavy medication that I had previously taken, which has also amazed my GP and Naturopath. I know my body will be drug free within a few short months.

My life has changed forever, and I have Melanie to thank.'  Steve B, Burleigh Heads Qld